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Manish Arora  S/S 2013

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Manish Arora  S/S 2013
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Chris Colfer on Writing Glee Episode: Expect 'Animals and the Elderly' (But No Miley Cyrus)
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"With 506 F-words in its two-hour, 59-minute running time, The Wolf of Wall Street uses the profanity approximately 2.81 times a minute and now holds the record for the most swear words ever to be said in a movie."

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GLEE: Cast members Chris Colfer and Romy Rosemont pose for photographers upon arriving at the GLEE 100th EPISODE CELEBRATION at the Chateau Marmont on Tuesday, March 18 in Hollywood CA. [UHQ]

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"Don’t get me wrong, I know this is a sad day for McKinley and that we’ve come back to reflect on everything the Glee Club has meant to us […] I mean, look, no confetti! I’m the biggest Broadway star that this school’s ever produced! What the hell?!"

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Glee cast. Family. 

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